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Does this sound familiar?

  • You have no time with your family and friends.

  • You work 16-hour days but you still feel behind.

  • You feel trapped in a business that you thought would give you freedom.

  • Your teams aren’t on the same page. They lack focus, discipline and accountability.

  • You feel like your vision is not being put into action.

You’ve tried putting in systems to automate and streamline. Like many entrepreneurs, you’ve tried EOS® or some other operating system. You’ve started to implement the operating system—even made some good progress—but you never finished it. You don’t have enough time, energy or focus. Your workload is just too heavy.

As a former president and CEO of a $20 million organization, I get it. All too well, in fact. That’s why I started Gyolai Consulting. The pain points described above don’t have to be your reality.


Why hire a Fractional Integrator?


The Integrator is the Visionary’s right hand.

As a Visionary, you likely straddle that fine line between running the operations and growing the business. You might feel burnt out, distracted, or out of control, wondering if you have the right people in the right seats. Maybe your growth has plateaued, or things seem more complicated than they need to be. There's a reason for this.

As an Integrator, I roll up my sleeves, join arms with your leadership team, and help you take full advantage of EOS.

The integrator’s responsibilities

Every Visionary needs that person dedicated to running the business operating system, driving the business plan and holding people accountable to it. This person is called an Integrator. The Integrator owns the operating system and is held accountable for its success. In addition, the Integrator is responsible for:

  • Translating the vision into action

  • Freeing up the Visionary to do what he or she does best and most wants to do

  • Providing focus, alignment, simplicity and unity

  • Leading, developing and managing the leadership team, and holding them accountable

  • Resolving conflicts and solving problems in a healthy manner

  • Identifying and removing barriers—breaking through the ceiling


Are Fractional Integrator services right for you?

Fractional Integrator services are ideal for companies that need a strong operational leader but aren’t ready for the overhead or risk of bringing on a full-time Integrator. Although Fractional Integrators are part-time, they are embedded into your leadership team and fully committed to your success. If a permanent Integrator is something you might want to consider down the road, I can help you determine if and when a full-time Integrator position is right for your business.



He’s given us hope. We’re doing things differently now, so there’s hope that it might work. The way we were doing it before, there wasn’t. He’s provided a wonderful third perspective between me and (my business partner) ... that’s an informed one ... a kind one ... a direct one.
— Michael Gremley, COO & President, Natural Acne Clinic

As a Fractional Integrator, I’ve helped business owners get their lives back.

What does that look like?

  • Moving from an owner-dependent business to a systems-driven business that allows you the freedom to live the life you want

  • Being recognized for your hard work and dedication

  • Reducing frustration and conflict in your personal life as well as the business

  • Feeling energized, excited and engaged in your business again

  • Having time to become a better father, mother, husband or wife

  • Focusing on fewer, better activities and eliminating low-value distractions

  • Making a lasting difference in the lives of your customers and employees

You started or bought your business to have freedom, but you wonder when are you actually going to start to feel free. Let Gyolai Consulting help you get your life back.


Try before you buy.

The relationship between the Integrator and Visionary is an intimate one. If you’re interested in working together, I offer a free L10 meeting facilitation so we can get a good feel for how well we work together. Thanks to technology and the ease of virtual meetings, I have clients all over the world. So don’t let location keep you from taking action!


I’ve been there.

As the former president and CEO of a $20 million organization, I know first-hand how you are feeling. I’ve been responsible for operations. I’ve been held accountable for P&L. I’ve translated vision into action.

I am relentlessly dedicated to helping people and organizations reach their fullest potential. I have dedicated my entire professional life to this pursuit.

With more than a decade of senior leadership experience, I understand the tremendous impact of getting everyone aligned. It's essential to building a business that stands the test of time.

My personal sweet spot is managing EOS and helping you solve your most pressing problems. I look forward to hearing more about your EOS journey.


He absolutely knows, uses and is a fan of EOS. But he’s also looking at other areas where he can help us. If necessary, he can do these tasks well after EOS has been implemented.
— Michael Gremley, COO & President, Natural Acne Clinic
The thing that makes Kevin different from other consultants is that he is first and foremost a great listener. When I outlined the challenge I was facing, he didn’t rattle off a cookie-cutter solution. Instead, he truly listened as I described my issues, goals, and foreseeable obstacles. He then came up with a solution that was truly unique to my situation. His ability to move between very different assignments is also a proven skill. His passion for his work is evident, his work ethic is impeccable, and his business instincts are spot on. I give Kevin my highest recommendation.
— Joel Moryn, CEO, Parsons Electric
In record time, Kevin inspired confidence and mobilized the entire organization.
— Sue Wollan Fan, Founder & CEO, MANGO Connects

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