Helping Visionaries be free of the burden of operations


Just imagine where you could take your company if you had a proven Integrator beside you.


Does this sound familiar?

  • You are a Visionary stuck doing operational work.

  • You feel like you don’t have enough time to be creative.

  • No one on your team is an Integrator and you know you need one.

  • You know your company can perform better.

  • You are not seeing the revenue and profit you expected.

  • Your teams aren’t on the same page. They lack focus, discipline and accountability.

  • You feel like your vision is not being put into action.

You’ve tried putting in systems to automate and streamline. Like many entrepreneurs, you’ve read the books. Maybe you’ve started to implement an operating system like EOS® —even made some good progress—but you never finished it or it just doesn’t seem to be what you expected. You feel trapped in a business that you thought would give you freedom.

I get it. All too well, in fact. The struggles and problems described above don’t have to be your reality.

You deserve better.


You won’t gain independence from your business unless you install a proven operating system and have a strong operational leader.


I help Visionaries dramatically improve their operations, make more money, and do more of what they truly love to do.



  • Moving from an Visionary-dependent business to a systems-driven business that allows you the freedom to live the life you want.

  • Improved profitability and financial stability for you and your employees.

  • Reducing frustration and conflict in your personal life as well as the business.

  • Feeling energized, excited and engaged in your business again.

  • Having time to become a better father, mother, husband or wife.

  • Focusing on fewer, better activities and eliminating low-value distractions.

  • Making a lasting difference in the lives of your customers and employees.

How it Works in Three Steps

Step One

Express Your Vision and Create a One-Page Business Plan

Month 1

  • Craft and express your vision.

  • Create an actionable, one-page business plan to execute on that vision.

    • Plan includes a roadmap with milestones, goals, accountability measures, key performance indicators, desired future state, and more.

  • Weekly coaching meetings for the duration of the project.

Step Two

Install a Custom Business Operating System

Months 2-4

  • Install a business operating system specific to your needs.

    • Based on proven methods and tools such as EOS.

  • Work right alongside you and your team.

  • See quicker results and gain traction faster.

  • Teach your team how to consistently operate at a higher level.

  • Weekly coaching meetings for the duration of the project.

Step Three

Build a Well-oiled Machine

Months 5—>

  • Relentlessly execute on the business plan, including P&L.

  • Lead, manage, and hold the leadership team accountable.

  • Integrate the major functions of the business.

  • Solve the most pressing issues.

  • Keep everyone rowing in the same direction.

  • Resolve conflict.

  • Own and run the operating system.

my proven process

He’s given us hope. We’re doing things differently now, so there’s hope that it might work. The way we were doing it before, there wasn’t. He’s provided a wonderful third perspective between me and (my business partner) ... that’s an informed one ... a kind one ... a direct one.
— Michael Gremley, COO & President, Natural Acne Clinic

I’ve Been There.

As the former president and CEO of a $20 million business, I’ve bought a lot of consulting services in my time. I got so tired of consultants giving me plans or products that we couldn’t implement. I was often left asking, “who the hell is going to do all this work?” I created Gyolai Consulting to bridge the gaps between vision, plans, and results.

As an Implementer and Fractional Integrator, I work in and on your business—right alongside you. In my heart I am first and foremost a teacher. It is my goal to transfer knowledge and allow you to be independent. Owning a business that runs like a well-oiled machine is something you can do. You just need someone to walk beside you and show you the way.


He absolutely knows, uses and is a fan of EOS. But he’s also looking at other areas where he can help us. If necessary, he can do these tasks well after EOS has been implemented.
— Michael Gremley, COO & President, Natural Acne Clinic
The thing that makes Kevin different from other consultants is that he is first and foremost a great listener. When I outlined the challenge I was facing, he didn’t rattle off a cookie-cutter solution. Instead, he truly listened as I described my issues, goals, and foreseeable obstacles. He then came up with a solution that was truly unique to my situation. His ability to move between very different assignments is also a proven skill. His passion for his work is evident, his work ethic is impeccable, and his business instincts are spot on. I give Kevin my highest recommendation.
— Joel Moryn, CEO, Parsons Electric
In record time, Kevin inspired confidence and mobilized the entire organization.
— Sue Wollan Fan, Founder & CEO, MANGO Connects

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